About Gilbert Racing

Gilbert Racing has been staging events throughout Adelaide for over 30 years. The first event was staged at the Adelaide Showground in 1986.

At the time Gilbert Racing recreated the wheel by successfully petitioning to get motorsport at the showgrounds. After many hours of hard work and approaching all of the local residence and council the green light was given to stage motorsport events.

Gilbert Racing created history by being the first booking taken by the Adelaide Entertainment centre.

Events staged have been varied and have included International Speedway, Supercross Masters that was the previous National Supercross series, stunt shows and of course the last 12 years have been dominated by Monster Trucks. In 2015 the long awaited return of Supercross to the Showground was a great success.

Gilbert Racing has cemented itself as a part of South Australian history, we often get feedback from people reminiscing about their memories at the showgrounds when they were young, now of course they are taking their children and creating their own family memories.

Our events are of premium standard and arguably the best in the nation, with a strong emphasis on patron safety, good value for money and of course always jam-packed entertainment.

Gilbert Racing was the first Company to introduce Alcohol Free motorsport events. The AER organisation – a government initiative – decided to come on board as a major sponsor with this idea and we both worked together to promote “we’re alcohol free” and the benefits of motorsport events without alcohol. Although nervous initially at how the patrons would receive this new initiative it was received incredibly well. It changed the whole atmosphere and we believe that this has contributed to the growth of our Monster Truck shows attracting more and more families.

Our Family Friendly Monster Truck events have remained alcohol free now for the past 9 years. We at Gilbert racing feel a sense of responsibility to provide a safe nurturing environment for the children who come to the event.

An important part of the event is our ability to give back to the community. We have a strong focus on supporting local organisations from people with disabilities to the childhood cancer foundation. Each year we invite these families and organisations along to the event at no charge in order to put a smile on their faces.